Monday, 23 August 2010

I Love my Scarf / J'aime mon Carre

Luxury brands are now becoming more heavily engaged in the internet. Hermès have just launched 'J'aime mon Carre' (I love my Scarf)... an interactive website which show cases street fashion from the IT Girls of London, Paris, NY and Tokyo. The content is captured in multiple media formats - video, images, photo booth style pics and detailed how-to's...

I love the 'knotting card' element - which illustrates lots of different how-to's. I have to try some out!

This website is also open to customers who are invited to build their own space and upload their version of wearing 'Le Carre' (the French name of Hermès signature silk scarf). 

This platform is created in a similar format to Burberry's Art of the Trench. Which indicates a trend towards user generated content and viral marketing. Both concepts have rating and  sharing features integrated which enables users to rank profiles and connect them to their social networks... I think this is a really exciting move from high end luxury retailers. I can't wait to see how both platforms develop...I'm all for fashion being more connected! 

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