Saturday, 2 October 2010

Creative Review Tweet Up

I unfortunately could not attend this event - but I love the concept!

Creative Review staged their first ever 'tweetup' event at the Design Museum last week in co-ordination with the London Design Festival. On arrival participants were greeted with a free drink and gifted a moleskin journal and bag of lego...

They were asked to bring a piece of work with them which was used to produce an impromptu exhibition within the gallery. Activity tables were set up and participants were asked to draw onto an endless roll of paper inspired by a frequently updated brief... that's where the twitter component come in!

Tweets were streamed live and projected onto a screen within the venue... this allow outside participants to contribute and follow the event in real time. 

The participants also got to work using their free bag of LEGO and you can see the concentration within the room as lots of participants got to work to produce a new invention.

I love this concept. As designer's begin to use twitter and other social networking / digital applications it presents us with new platforms to be innovative, collaborative and challenge traditional models of working together. 

This does not need to be a group event, I think the individual designer can use twitter to work with a larger audience and the work of Textile Designer / Illustrator Johanna Basford is the best example which comes to mind. I have embedded a video below!

Fringe Cover from Johanna Basford on Vimeo.

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