Monday, 25 October 2010

The Voice Knitter

A new approach to 'interactive knitwear' from Berlin based fashion label Trikoton... This interdisciplinary team have designed a production process which enables users to create personalised knitwear. 

In the 'Voice Knitting' collection, users can convert their own audio messages using the pattern generator  to create an individual pattern. A built in web application converts sound into pattern allowing users to play with pattern and apply it to a selection of different garments. 

The Trikoton team are interesting in exploring new ways of making the garment manufacturing process more interactive, as well as more personal therefore hopefully less disposable for the wearer.  Fusing traditional and new technology, they have converted some domestic knitting machines by hacking the punch card slots and converting them with micro controllers which connect to a computer for audio transfer. 

This project presents lots of possibilities for producing personal products which makes custom clothing really accessible. 

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