Sunday, 27 March 2011

Co-Design Workshop 2/6: Collaborative Consumption

Thinking / Concepts

Making by hand & digitally

Yesterdays co-design workshop explored the concept of collaborative consumption through the theme: fashion personified. Instead of hitting the high street on a Saturday afternoon - could groups of friends come together to engage in alternative fashion experiences?

The theme: fashion personified provided a starting point for our thinking and generated some discussion about fashion personas. The aim of this was to collect and group images which reflected each participants colour and style preference to enable them to make a design personalised to their individuality or alternatively to a fictional persona. We used photographs and magazines to produce a collage.

Some of the collages were then photographed and digitally manipulated to produce patterns and prints whilst others preferred to draw and paint their samples. Each participant focused on a palette of bold and bright colours... we discussed how we all liked colourful clothing but sometimes opted towards styling monotone outfits of black and grey therefor a colourful scarf could be a nice remedy.

This workshop differed from the last as our concept wall was much more visual and we used less words to convey our thoughts and inspiration. I think the visuals really helped the participants tune into the mood and aesthetic of the overall look they were trying to achieve. 

I was most impressed by our first male participant - a 14 year old boy who was so advanced in his use of photoshop, he was teaching us new techniques! It made me think about how savvy future generations will be having grown up surrounded by digital media tools and applications. 

These posts have reflected on the overall process of each workshop by sampling new techniques to design a scarf. A lot of work has been made and a batch of scarves will be sent off to be digitally printed over the new few days. Therefore, in the coming weeks I will reveal the concepts and showcase the final outcomes.

A new series of workshops will be launched May-June 2011. These will be based in London but a series of digital workshops will also be run live online in real time! So,  if your interested in getting involved, have any comments or ideas... please get in touch. 


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