Monday, 14 March 2011

The Scarf Project - Co-Design Workshop 1/6: Experimental Mark Making

Mark Making / Experimentation

Thinking / Concept Generation

The Scarf Project has launched with its first co-design workshop - Experimental Mark Making. 

This four hour workshop session explored lots of theory and thinking which surrounds the design process. To structure the action an interactive design game is being explored - allowing the participants to compete against one another to propose new design concepts.

The making component of this workshop was facilitated by Bridget Harvey who brought along a pick and mix of objects to draw with and from. She also challenged us to try alternative ways to make our marks such as: trying our pencils/ pens / paint brushes to string, drawing with our opposite hand and pulling at random from a lucky bag of found objects. We worked together and swapped work as we made it, this really changed the handle and quality of the work.

We closed the workshop by photographing our work and using photoshop to co-design a scarf. This rounded up the day nicely as we left having produced a finished and final outcome. We will each be expanding upon that outcome this week - as each of us will be producing our own scarf using the material we generated within the workshop.

These scarves will be sent off to be printed on Friday and a following session will be used to explore how to use the scarves.

The next co-design workshop will be on Saturday the 26th March... the theme will be revealed later this week. If your interested in participating just send me an email - OR leave your details below.

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